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"... I've only spent a few hours using it but I think

this is all I am going to use from now on"

— Mikey232323, Mac App Store, Dec 2016

"Nothing like it"

"Handsdown ... the best graphing software on the Mac..."

— Stuke, Mac App Store, Feb 2016

"Better then Excel in almost every way"

"... it can handle huge amounts of data. Definitely worth the price for me!"

— ZeroTheta, Mac App Store, Feb 2016

"Great graphing package"

"...easier then making graphs in R ... an amazing variety of graphs/visualizations."

— Max Masnick, Mac App Store, Sept 2013

"Finally: Origin for Mac Users. Just that extra bit better."

"... This can be the new standard for scientific graphing on the Mac."

— jkischk2, Mac App Store, Aug 2012

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