Medical Images - Distances




When you drag a file into a script, the ending "dic.Z" is recognized as a compressed DICOM file. The file will be uncompressed on the fly (leaving the original untouched) when the image is dragged into the drawing window.

Both "2D Point" and "2D Region" variables have computational modules that allows them to be changed interactively on the screen. The idea here is that if you zoom in on a region, you can better set the location in the image (size=1024x1024). Any two dimensional entry can be cropped with a region. This will allow you to modify the cropping region in any drawing window you want.

Note, that by holding down the command key as you click in a window, the window is not brought to the front. This works for all Cocoa applications. It's used here to be able to drag around points and regions without changing the window order.

Once the script has been set up, you can use it as a mini-application and just change the input file by pressing the "Set..." button. Next...

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