Medical Images - QTVR Image

Note: This is a 4MB QTVR movie. Click and drag to rotate.




The above QTVR movie is created by a script similar to the one created in the "3D Image" example. How to create a QTVR from a 3D window is described in one of the tutorials. In the above QTVR object each frame is compressed using JPEG 2000. There are 60 frames in this animation, but that is easy to adjust when creating the QTVR.

The small beads inside the torso can be removed with a better edge detection algorithm. For this example, a simple iso-surface finder is used. One of the strengths of DataTank is that it is very easy to add such an algorithm into the program as a plug-in module (written for example in C++). The classes for a 3D Mesh and triangulated surface are part of C++ library DTSource, and "all" you have to create is the routine "DTSurface3D foo(DTMesh3D,parameters)"


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