3D Slices - Creating a QTVR


QuickTimeVR is implemented as a 3D camera view. When this camera is selected, the viewing angles will be restricted in the same way as they are in the QTVR viewer. This allows you to preview your QTVR image before you create the image.

The output window will restrict what portion is saved into the QTVR movie. Note that you can use either no units (pixels), inchesas "in" or " and cm or mm. 4in is equivalent to 4*in, so "4in+1cm" is valid.

You can adjust the compression setting for each frame. This is needed, since a QTVR movie will often have a large number of frames in it to give a relatively smooth rotation. Once the movie has been created, it will be selected in the Finder. As always this is created in the background, so you can continue working on other aspects of the same script or other scripts.

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