Introduction - Array from text


Creating a plot with the "Specify Numbers" module can get very tedious. To create a plot from a list of (x,y) pairs, first create an Array variable and extract the plot from that array. The module used to create the plot is the "From Array Rows" that takes in a single array and plots one row as a function of another.

There are several ways to input an array. If you have the array in the clipboard (for example coming from a spreadsheed program) you can use the "Specify Numbers" module as is done in the above example. This module contains a simple text editor where you can paste in an array or import it from a file. You can use the built in find-replace functionality to make minor adjustments.The module is flexible when it comes to separation characters and accepts spaces, commas and tabs.

The array data is stored inside the script when the script is saved.

Once the data has been prepared, the computational module used to evaluate the plot is changed from "Specify Numbers" to "From Array Rows". The benefit of doing that is that everything done to the plot stays in place, ready to act on the new data. Initially, this variable is invalid, since no array is selected but as soon as the array variable is selected the drawing command draws the current plot.

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