Introduction - Array from file


If the array is created by a program, the "Specify Numbers" module is not very efficient. If the data is stored in a text file you can create a "File Name" variable and extract the array from the file. In other respects the script does not have to be changed.

The file can be selected through the standard open dialog ("Set..." button) or typed in manually. It is also possible to drag the file from the finder into the script.

This is the first use of the context menu, located to the right of the variable name. This menu will be used extensively in other tutorials and will speed things up greatly. When you select "Read Array" from the context menu, an "Array" variable will be created and the "From File" module will be selected. The current "File Name" variable will automatically be selected inside the module.

The new variable can be selected from the "Array:" menu in the plot variable, but instead we make the connection by dragging the variable onto the plot entry. A blue border will be drawn if a connection can be made, a red border means that the variable accepts this type of variable but not this particular variable. This will happen if making that connection will result in a circular dependence. In that case, the variable will not even be listed in the "Array:" menu.

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