Introduction - QuickTime Animation


DataTank makes it very easy to create animations. Anything that can be animated on the screen by dragging the time slider can be saved into a QuickTime file. The QuickTime file is written in the background so it is possible to continue working or create a QuickTime movie from a different drawing window. The only restriction is that variables that are used for the active drawing window can not be changed while the movie is being written. This is enforced by the program. Once the movie has been created its icon is selected in the Finder.

This tutorial also shows how to save the script. This will allow you to use the script as a mini program with the input files and numbes listed at the top and the results extracted from the drawing windows. This is very useful when the same action needs to be repeated for several inputs.

When you click in the drawing window, the coordinate field in the toolbar shows the coordinate of the cursor.

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