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Tutorial Movies

Screen movies that show DataTank in action.


A starting tutorial. Shows how to create a plot from scratch, and how to import data from files. This also shows how to read in a time series from disk.

File Action

Shows how to connect a command line utility into the program. Rather than introducing yet another command scripting language, DataTank aims to make communication with other programs simple and efficient. This shows how to use a general purpose command line tool, from within DataTank.

3D Slices

How to import a 3D data set from an ascii file and slice it. Show how to compute Iso-surfaces, compute 2D slices through a three dimensional mesh and zoom in on a portion of space

External Programs

Example of how to write a program that can run as a module inside DataTank.


How to zoom in on a data set down to the level of individual numbers. Also shows how to interactively crop a 2D data set

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